We aim to provide our clients with a great experience and the utmost satisfaction. The best way to guarantee a great experience with is to review products details first before placing any orders via Olive Branch Marketplace website.



Due to the perishable nature of our products we make from scratch, we do not accept returns. In the event you are dissatisfied with the product you received, you must contact us within 15 days from receiving your delivery order. We’d be happy to give you a refund or replacement. Before Olive Branch Marketplace can offer you a refund, you must state the reason for your dissatisfaction via email a written statement to our email.


We advice you to check our delivery range on the Local Delivery page before placing an order via the Olive Branch Marketplace. Any order beyond our delivery range will be cancelled and your credit or debit card will be refunded.


Product Freshness

Please read product details on each product page before purchasing any food products. Be sure to read product use by date and follow instructions on how to carefully store food products safely until you are ready to enjoy them. Failure to report spoilage within 48 hours of receiving the order will be at the loss of the client. We are committed to only using the high quality and local ingredients in our products from local farmers here in California. We not use any artificial preservatives and can remain in the freezer for 2 to 9 months depends which products you have purchased through us. 


Changes to Refund Policy

Olive Branch Marketplace reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change the Refund Policy under which is offered. This is most current version of the Refund Policy. Olive Branch Marketplace encourages you to periodically review the Refund Policy to stay informed of our updates. 


Questions and Contact Information

Olive Branch Marketplace welcomes your questions or comment regarding the Refund Policy statement by sending us an email to


Date Published: 10/29/2020

Revised on: 10/29/2020